Monday, July 11, 2016

NCDOT Litter Sweep Fall 2016 - Statewide Roadside Litter Cleanup

NCDOT Litter Sweep - Biannual Statewide Roadside Litter Cleanup

The Fall 2016 NCDOT Litter Sweep is September 17 - October 1st.

A good portion of the North Main Neighborhood in Salisbury NC runs along the main corridor of Hwy 29. This is a wonderful opportunity for community involvement and participation in neighborhood beautification!

Litter Sweep is the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) statewide roadside litter removal initiative.

Volunteers are requested to locally participate in the Governor proclaimed "Litter Sweep" to help beautify their communities by removing litter from North Carolina's roadways.

Volunteers are provided cleanup supplies such as orange trash bags, gloves, and orange safety vests from their respective local NCDOT county maintenance office.

A phone listing of local NCDOT maintenance offices can be found in the "Forms" link below as can Litter Sweep safety and promotional materials.

Litter Sweep is traditionally scheduled for the last two weeks of April and September.
The coming Fall Litter Sweep is scheduled for September 17 - October 1st.

Important Litter Sweep Links:

  • Forms

  • Litter Sweep Volunteer Cleanup Procedures

  • AAH Safety Video

  • Meth Lab Waste Recognition Video by the Colorado DOT (7.53 minutes).

  • For more information, please call the Litter Sweep Hotline (800-331-5864).

    In addition to volunteers, the NCDOT maintenance crews devote one week of their time during Litter Sweep to pick up litter and collect orange bags from the roadsides once volunteers have completed their cleanups.

    If you are interested in sponsoring litter removal along North Carolina Interstate highways, please visit the Sponsor-A-Highway Program webpage.
    Senator Albertson's "Mean About Clean" Jingle Press Release

    The North Main Neighborhood
    Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 / NOMA North Main

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